As part of Code Maroon, Emergency Alert System (EAS) radios and speakers can quickly communicate health and safety emergency information relevant to the campus.

EAS radios are installed in campus departments. They operate in a similar fashion as weather radios and will only broadcast emergency messages relevant to the campus.

Emergency classroom speakers broadcast Code Maroon alerts in classrooms or other areas where installed. Audio alerts can warn students and instructors where cell phones have been silenced so as not to disrupt classes, or where cellular signal may not be strong. The public address system's loudspeakers connect to the existing campus data network, providing a cost-effective solution to installing separate wiring. Additional speakers (ceiling or podium installation) can be used in mid-sized areas, such as building common areas or departmental suites.

Getting Started

View the Emergency Alert System Radio Quick Guide to learn how to set up and use your EAS radio. Visit the Request section below to purchase additional radios and classroom speakers. 

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