Telephone service for university business includes single-line phones and multiline phone systems. The university is transitioning to Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP), which lets users make phone calls over the Internet by converting analog audio signals into digital data. See VoIP Phones page for more information.

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Visit the Cost section below to see monthly charges. Visit the Request section to order telephone services.

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Texas A&M University System rates are displayed below. See General Computing Rates for TAMUS, Non-TAMUS, and Auxiliary Rates.

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/Product/Service
Centrex Phone Line Monthly 17.00 VZCC

Additional Details

See available phone models on the Telephones, Accessories and User Guides page in the Knowledge Base.

Monthly charges for telephones are now centrally funded by Texas A&M University for university business units (excludes service centers and auxiliary units). These monthly charges will not be billed to your business unit. For details about central funding, visit our IT Billing Department page.


To find out about land-line telephones and accessories, add or change items for an existing system, or order a new on-campus phone system, call 979.845.8300. Submit work orders via email to tcom-request@tamu.edu.

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