Making decisions on technology purchases can be difficult and time consuming. The following services are available to help manage technology changes throughout the entire procurement and implementation process:

  • Provide expertise and guidance to assess needs, evaluate products, and make concrete recommendations.
  • Assist with technical aspects of a request for proposal (RFP) for IT purchases.
  • Provide project management services to implement IT changes.

Getting Started

To request this service, email itss@tamu.edu or call 979.847.4877.

Contact Information



Texas A&M University (Part 02) rates are displayed below. See General Computing Rates for TAMUS, Non-TAMUS, and Auxiliary Rates.

Service Description Unit  Rate in $ Item Code/ Product/Service
Support Equivalent to 1 Full Time Employee 1 FTE/Month  10,599.00 CONTRACT SUP 1 FTE
Support Equivalent to 3/4 Time Employee  .75 FTE/Month 8,180.00 CONTRACT SUP .75 FTE
Support Equivalent to 1/2 Time Employee .50 FTE/Month  5,510.00 CONTRACT SUP .50 FTE
Support Equivalent to 1/4 Time Employee .25 FTE/Month  2,785.00 CONTRACT SUP .25 FTE
Technical services on computer-related issues Hour 135.00 ITSS HOURLY SUPPORT


Additional Details

We can provide flexible support based on your needs. For more on contract, non-contract, project based and ad-hoc support options, visit Support Options and Pricing.

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