Texas A&M Division of Information Technology Project Management Office

The mission of the Texas A&M Division of IT Project Management Office (PMO) is to provide exceptional strategic project management to the Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer (CIO), to provide consultation, mentorship, and training for projects within and outside of Division of IT. Additionally, the PMO advises and provides campus-wide project reporting to the Texas A&M Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.

As Texas A&M University is decentralized, several business units across the university have project management functions. The Texas A&M IT PMO is proud to partner with the Division of Student Affairs, Texas A&M Provost IT Office, The Texas A&M University System , as well as other project management functions within colleges and divisions across campus.

The Division of IT PMO is available for consulting and project, program or portfolio management services. Rate information can be found on the Project Management Contract Rates.

PMO Manager
Josh Kissee

Physical Location
Teague 116

Mailing Address
Texas A&M Information Technologies
Project Management Office
1365 TAMU
College Station, Texas 77840-1365




The requirements for project management at Texas A&M are presented in state regulation and university policy:

TAC 216

  • Requires each state agency to institute, approve and publish a methodology that communicates an agency-wide approach for project management practices.
  • Requires each state agency to include in its agency strategic plan a description of the extent to which the agency uses its project management practices.
  • Presents criteria for project management practices.

SAP 29.01.03.M1.34

  • Provides guidelines to ensure that information resource projects are managed according to TAC 216.
  • Defines additional requirements specific to Texas A&M University.
  • References the definition of a Major Information Resources Project from Texas Government Code, Chapter 2054: Information Resources.

Texas A&M Internal Audit Reporting

The Texas A&M University System Internal Audit (TAMUS IA) function has requested a regular report on all Major Information Resource Projects (MIRPs). These projects have a clear set of criteria, as established by TAMUS IA:

  • Has development costs of $1 million or more.
  • Involves more than one System member.
  • Manages confidential data such as student grades, client credit card information, or personnel records.
  • Significantly alters work methods of core administrative and business processes and supports financial, personnel, or strategic decision-making.

Any project within Texas A&M University that qualifies as a MIRP, according to these definitions, should be reported to the Division of IT Project Management Office (according to Texas A&M Standard Administrative Procedure 29.01.03.M1.34. The Texas A&M IT PMO will then consolidate Texas A&M University MIRPs and report all to TAMUS IA through the Vice President for IT and Chief Information Officer.

Projects may be reported by contacting PMO@tamu.edu.



The Division of IT Project Management Office (PMO) developed a standard Project Management Methodology, according to the TAC 216 requirements and University Rules and SAPs. A consistent project management methodology, developed, endorsed, and used by the Division of IT organizations will improve predictability, understanding and performance of our project initiatives.

The project management methodology is based on the Project Management Institute’s approved standards that are accepted and widely utilized by the project management community in both business and education.

This methodology provides a minimal framework to assist project managers, as well as staff functioning as project managers, in the planning and execution of projects. Additionally, the methodology provides a repeatable and documented process for use in communicating a roadmap for both project team members and management.

This material is provided as reference and starting point for other campus organizations wishing to adopt a simple set of project management practices.

Project Management Fundamentals Course

The Project Management Office trains on the essentials of project management in the context of TAC 216 through the Texas A&M EOD at no cost to Texas A&M University employees (and minimal cost to System members). This course includes discussions on available tools and resources, as well as a survey of nine project management knowledge areas. Read the course description and register.

For information on our service offerings, please see Project Management Contract rates or contact us.

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