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Sundial is a web-based appointment scheduling service for students and academic advisors. Sundial allows students to book advising appointments online and provides advisers, colleges and departments tools to manage schedules and maintain records on advising sessions. Visit the Features section to learn more about Sundial.

Getting Started

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Help and Support

For step-by-step instructions on using Sundial, visit the Sundial Appointment Scheduling page in the Knowledge Base. For questions about Sundial, contact Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300 or Have an account? Log In


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Student Features
Advisor Features
Department & College Features

Student Features

Sundial provides a convenient way for students to book academic advising appointments online.

If your department or college signed up with Sundial, ask your advisor for the specific web address to schedule your next meeting.

To use Sundial,

  • Log in with your NetID and password.
  • Select your advisor from the list of options.
  • Review the calendar and choose an available timeslot.
  • Complete the pre-advising questionnaire.
  • Click the Add to Calendar option, which downloads an ics calendar file. Sundial also sends you a confirmation email with appointment details.

For step-by-step instructions on using Sundial, visit the Sundial Appointment Scheduling page in the Knowledge Base.

For questions on Sundial, contact Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300 or

Advisor Features

The Sundial web-based appointment scheduler increases efficiency for students and advisors.

  • Students can make their own appointments online.
  • Advisors can manage work schedules by booking, updating, moving or cancelling appointments with easy-to-use online tools.

Students and advisors to benefit from improved access to counseling information stored in Sundial.

  • Advisors can enter notes that Sundial can email to the student, or write internal notes in a separate field.
  • A central repository allows advisors within a department to share notes, enhancing service continuity and team collaboration.

Sundial user-friendly reports provide detailed information on advising activities, helping advisors examine and assess work practices.

  • Advisors can run reports for specific time periods to see total consultations, consultation by location, classification, major and other parameters.

For more information about Sundial, contact IT Solutions & Support at 979.847.4877 or

Department & College Features

Departments and colleges have improved access to advising information through detailed reports.

Sundial aids in assessing student learning outcomes for academic advising.

  • Departments and colleges receive improved access to advising information through Sundial's built-in reports.
  • Longitudinal studies could research topics such as the impact of advising frequency to on-time graduation rates.

Sundial assists with managing advising operations.

  • Advisors can show the volume of work performed.
  • Information from Sundial can assist with department or college internal reporting.

Subscribing entities are members of the Sundial steering committee.

  • The committee provides guidance to IT Solutions & Support on future system enhancements.
  • Members can monitor and control development costs.
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