Texas A&M and Multi-Factor Authentication: The Perfect Duo

Duo adds an extra layer of security to Texas A&M NetID accounts. With Duo multi-factor authentication, NetID accounts are protected with something you know (a password) and something you have (a Duo-enrolled device - typically a mobile phone).

The Duo Mobile App is easy to use and set up. No mobile phone? Other options are available. Review our Duo FAQs and Guide to Multi-Factor Authentication to help make the best choice.

Example of user going through Duo’s simple multi-factor authentication process.

Pro Tip: Be sure to set up more than one device with Duo! If you leave your phone at home or the battery dies, you can use your secondary device as a backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I leave my phone at home, the battery dies or I lose it?

Hopefully you followed our tip and set up a secondary device. If so, log in to gateway.tamu.edu and in the main screen select “set up my Duo Two-Factor Authentication.”

Once there, use the dropdown to select your backup device. If it is a tablet, you can have it send you a push. If it’s a landline, you can have it call you. Crisis averted.

If you didn’t set up a secondary device, call Help Desk Central at helpdesk@tamu.edu or 979.845.8300 and they can assist with a one-time code.

I just received a new phone. How do I set it up in Duo?

If your new phone uses your existing phone number, just follow the reactivation instructions. If you have a new number, Help Desk Central can assist. Call them at 979.845.8300.

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