The Next Generation Aggie Network.

On Track for the Future.

Whether working with students across campus or colleagues across the country, Texas A&M's data network connects Aggies to the world. In the future, teaching, learning, collaboration and innovation will depend even more on technology. The Next Generation Aggie Network puts the university on track to continued strength and success.

Benefits of the Next-Gen Network

Stronger Network Supports
University Success

Technology is essential to innovative research, experiential teaching and learning, and service that impacts the state, nation and world. The network is the backbone of our campus IT infrastructure and the Next-Gen Network is designed to meet the needs of the university well into the future.

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STUDENTS - The Next-Gen Network will transform the digital experience of our university. Once upgrades are complete, faster performance and consistent 6E wireless signal strength across campus buildings and high-traffic outdoor areas will allow students to learn and study wherever and whenever they prefer.

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FACULTY & RESEARCHERS - World-class teaching and research require a dependable network. The Next-Gen network will not only provide strong and consistent network performance across campus but will support data-intensive research requiring extensive bandwidth.

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IT PROFESSIONALS - The increased flexibility and decreased complexity of the Next-Gen network mean more devices can function on the network more easily, helping IT Professionals better serve students and employees while creating custom solutions to support the unique needs of faculty and researchers.

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Project Plan

The Next-Gen Network project will run in three concurrent phases designed to systematically upgrade each part of the campus network.

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Increase Wireless Access

Double the number of wireless access points across campus, letting campus members connect all their devices and increasing coverage in high-traffic areas.

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Improve Campus Security

Update the campus network core and roll out robust cybersecurity segmentation features.

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Update Wired Networks

Replace network switches and update fiber inside all buildings, providing consistent, high-speed internet access.

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Track our Progress

Construction of the Next-Gen Network will take approximately three years. To facilitate this long-term project, the campus was divided into 12 zones to help the project team plan and execute the work.

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What to Expect

Campus Members

Each step of the project will be carefully and intentionally planned around the academic calendar to minimize any impact on teaching and learning.

Here's what you can expect during construction of the network.

IT Professionals

We will need your help to ensure network updates go smoothly for the individuals in your units and buildings.

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