Project Plan

Work on the Next Generation Aggie Network officially began in the fall of 2022 and will take approximately three years to complete. The Next-Gen Network project will run in three concurrent phases designed to systematically upgrade each part of the campus network.

Project Phases

Wi-Fi Signal Icon

Increase Wireless Access

Double the number of wireless access points across campus to provide consistent, fast Wi-Fi coverage in all buildings and many high-traffic outdoor areas. 5G technology will provide a wide-area overlay network and add innovative options for research projects.

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Update Wired Networks

Survey all network equipment across campus, resolve any power or HVAC issues, and replace all network switches and other equipment. Update the network core by running or replacing fiber in each campus building.

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Improve Campus Security

An enhanced network backbone will allow for data segmentation, allowing Texas A&M to build out appropriate network security zones (e.g., Healthcare, Building Automation, Guests, etc.) as well as allow for significant bandwidth usage.

Better Wi-Fi. Coming to a Building Near You.

Improving Wi-Fi is a top priority for the Next-Gen Network and wireless signal strength surveys are underway for each campus building.

When the project is complete, wireless access points across campus will more than double and the projected Wi-Fi coverage is much brighter!

Wireless cables being moved away while new fiber cables are being plugged in to Aggieland water tower

Project Complexity

A project of this magnitude does not come without challenges. While work is planned to be complete in three years, potential delays include:

  • Scheduling network upgrades/downtime around the academic calendar class schedules, research activities and athletic events
  • Planning requires coordination between multiple groups including facilities, utilities, vendors and building occupants

What to Expect

Campus Members

Each step of the project will be carefully and intentionally planned around the academic calendar to minimize any impact on teaching and learning.

Here's what you can expect during construction of the network.

IT Professionals

We will need your help to ensure network updates go smoothly for the individuals in your units and buildings.

See details about network upgrades.