What to Expect

Each step of the Next Generation Aggie Network will be carefully and intentionally planned around the academic calendar to minimize any impact on teaching and learning.

Campus Member Expectations

While many of the upgrades will be transparent, here is a broad overview of what you can expect when work is occurring in your building.

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Wireless Updates

The number of wireless access points - equipment that allows mobile devices to connect to the network - will double across campus. Older access points will be upgraded.

  • During wireless updates: Wi-Fi interruptions should be non-existent or minimal.
  • After upgrades are complete: You should see an improvement in consistent Wi-Fi signal strength throughout the building and improved connection speed, especially during periods of high-traffic.

The full benefit of the wireless updates will be realized after network switch upgrades and fiber installation are complete.

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Fiber Updates

New network fiber will be run in buildings where it does not yet exist and existing fiber will be replaced with faster single-mode fiber.

  • During fiber updates: Installation may require running fiber through ceilings and could cause some noise and/or dust. Network interruptions should be minimal.
  • After upgrades are complete: The full benefit of the fiber updates will be realized after network switch upgrades are completed.
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Network Switch Updates

New network switches will be installed in every building.

  • During switch updates: All internet (wired and wireless) connections in your building will experience planned outages during this period.
  • After upgrades are complete: The transition to the Next-Gen Network officially begins and speeds will noticeably increase!

We will work closely with facilities and IT professionals to announce maintenance schedules to ensure affected campus members are aware of any planned outages.

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Next-Gen Realization

Once network equipment is updated, the robust features of the Next-Gen network can be enabled.

  • Network segmentation: Differentiated levels of service based on campus roles and needs.
  • Network security: Differentiated levels of security and access designed to protect university systems and data.

IT Professionals

In addition to the items above, IT professionals that support buildings across campus will be actively involved in this project.

See IT Pro Expectations