Duress/Panic Button

Texas A&M Information Technology, along with the University Police Department (UPD), offer the installation and maintenance of duress/panic buttons in approved buildings and departments on campus.

Once active and operational, a duress/panic button can be utilized to silently request UPD response or assistance.

Getting Started

To request a duress/panic button:

  1. Notify UPD of the panic button request. An application can be requested by contacting Lt. Bobby Richardson of UPD at 979-845-2345 or brichardson@tamu.edu.
  2. Complete a Work Order for duress/panic button installation. Installation will then be scheduled.
  3. Texas A&M IT will work with Siemens to attach the existing fire panels.

The duress/panic button will not be active until all of these tasks have been completed, after which the button will be tested by Texas A&M IT and confirmed operational.

Help and Support

Additional information is available on the Request and Cost tabs.