The IT Billing Department can assist you to answer questions about billing for IT services and setting up an IT billing account.

Getting Started

The Billing office prepares monthly bills for customers and provides assistance to customers in the area of Accounts Receivable.

8 a.m. - 5 p.m., M - F

The Division of IT Billing
Email: tamu-it-billing@tamu.edu
Phone: 979.862.1797, 979.458-5452, 979.845-4211
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Location: 3142 TAMU, Room 2601 General Services Complex


General Computing Rates

Rates for some services depend on the organizational classification of the customer requesting our services. Please choose the link appropriate for your department or organization.

FY20 Rates

FY19 Rates

Questions About Telecommunications Bills

If you have any questions about your Telecommunications bill, please contact tamu-it-billing@tamu.edu.

The first page(s) of your bill is a summary of your account's activity broken down by Object Code. The pages that follow detail the itemized charges (usage-based and flat-fee) per service number.

The university receives the following bills via electronic data feeds. The data is then loaded directly into your bill. In effect, the information provided to you is the "authoritative" information from these carriers:

  • AT&T Mobility
  • Verizon Wireless
  • AT&T calling card usage
  • Frontier
  • Verizon conference calls
  • ERF Wireless
  • AT&T
  • USA Mobility
  • Sprint

In the works:

  • State Department of Information Resources special charges

For carriers services not on this list, we make every attempt to list explicit details on your bill. We no longer routinely provide paper back-up on your monthly bill. If more information is needed for a particular month's detail, we will provide it on request (please specify the service number or FAMIS account involved).

Your Telecommunications Bill Format

SUBSCRIBER NAME: Telecommunications account number. Note that the title of the account is found in the upper-right corner of each page of the bill.

SUBSCRIBER ID: An internal identification number used by Telecommunications.

MRC: Monthly Recurring Charges. These are charges billed monthly by Telecommunications.

OCC: Other Charges and Credits These are charges or credits that Telecommunications charges for non-recurring items (such as installation) OR charges from other carriers or vendors that Telecommunications "passes through" to you (and may or may not recur monthly).

TOLL: Long-distance calling charges, if applicable.

LOCAL: Local calling charges, if applicable.

TAX: Taxes, if applicable.

TOTAL: Total of the previously described charges.

OBJECT CODE: FAMIS object code that has been historically itemized on your bill.

SERVICE or SERVICE NUMBER: Identification number of the service specified, normally a phone number, cell number, two-way radio ID, account number, etc.

ASSIGN DATE: For MRC (Monthly Recurring Charges), this is the date the fee began. For OCC (Other Charges and Credits), this is the date of the charge (i.e., carrier cycle date).

ITEM CODE: Telecommunications code for that charge.

DESCRIPTION: Informational detail of the charge.

Project CD: Tracking code assigned to a phone call by you, if applicable.

QTY: Number of units.

RATE: Cost per unit.

CHARGE: Charge based on QTY times RATE.

Verizon Service Charge: Compilation of Verizon fees for the actual phone line.

Verizon Other Charges and Credits: Compilation of Verizon charges/credits that TAMU is required to pay.

Verizon Required Fees: Compilation of Verizon fees and taxes that TAMU is required to pay.

APIT Campus Network: Charge collected by the Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer for operating costs of the campus network.

GPRS: Cellular data services.

MMS: Cellular Multimedia Messaging Services.

SMS: Cellular Simple Messaging Services (text messaging).

Billing Changes

Telecommunications Billing Changes for Fiscal Year 2018

As of September 1, 2017, Texas A&M University, made budget adjustments to many telecommunications services for university business units, excluding service centers and auxiliary units. These adjustments were based on Fiscal Year 2016 service usage, and are now in effect for all Part 02 employees for Fiscal Year 2018.

Your Monthly Bill Changes

Telecommunications services now centrally funded will no longer be billed to your department. Since these items are no longer on your monthly bill, some of you will stop receiving a bill, while others will receive a much shorter bill with only the few items you are still paying for.

Services Included in Central Funding

The following services are now centrally funding and are no longer on your monthly bill:

  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone lines + long distance
  • Centrex phone lines + long distance
  • Keyless card access
  • Audiovisual surveillance
  • Fiber cross connects
  • Duress/panic buttons
  • Equipment rented from the Division of IT for a service listed above

To view the item/product code for the items included in central funding, view Services Included in Central Funding.

Contact Us

For questions about the changes, contact the Division of Information Technology at tamu-it-billing@tamu.edu or 979.458.5452.