Step Task Overall Responsible Personnel
optional Compare unit inventory list to CANOPY/FAMIS list Senior IT Staff IT Staff, Faculty
Step 1 Identify staff and faculty who solely manage their information resources and/or who have elevated privileges (e.g., local administrative privileges) on IT managed information resources D-RAC,RAC IT Staff, Staff & Faculty
Step 2 Notify participants of their obligation and ensure they have the information they need to complete the appropriate assessment(s) D-RAC, RAC IT Staff
Step 3 Follow the steps on the website to complete the appropriate IT risk assessment(s). Staff & faculty D-RAC, RAC, IT Staff
Optional Assist as needed D-RAC, RAC, IT Staff Staff and Faculty 
Optional  Remind those required to participate of their obligation. D-RAC, RAC, IT Staff
Step 4 Provide all results to appropriate college/division. Technology Services D-RAC, RAC
Step 5 Use the results to work with the staff and faculty to determine what needs to be improved.  D-RAC, RAC Staff & Faculty