Meeting Schedule:
3rd Thursday of October, November, February, April, June

About SATC

The Student and Academic Technologies Committee (SATC) is charged with providing student input on information technology issues such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, campus wireless access, and other IT issues that directly impact students. 

This committee’s membership will primarily be composed of student representatives from across the campus.

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Permanent Members (Voting)

  • Stephanie Heath - Student Representative, Association of Information Technology Professionals
  • Aaron Hubik - Student Representative, Association of Information Technology Professionals
  • Calista Reese - Student Representative, Student Government
  • Donny Russell - Student Representative, Student Government
  • Michael Silva - Student Representative, Student Government (Chair)
  • Avinash Swami - Graduate Student Representative
  • Alonna "Ali" Too-Chiobi - Advising Student Representative, Student Success

Ex-officio Members (Voting)

  • Jana McDonald - Assistant Director, Help Desk Central
  • Michael Ringham - Open Access Labs Representative, Enrollment and Academic Services
  • Jacob Scoggins - Networking Representative, Technology Services
  • Richard Spiller - Academic IT Services Representative, Enrollment and Academic Services
  • Dr. Jocelyn Widmer - Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation