The strategic management group is responsible for guiding and overseeing the strategic direction and decision-making processes of an organization. Their primary role is to develop and implement strategies that align with the organization's goals and objectives, and ensure its long-term success. This group participates in strategic planning, risk assessment, guides strategic initiatives, provides decision-making support, coordinates training and manages the IT Governance program.

  • Business Relationship Management
    Business relationship managers (BRMs) act as intermediaries between Technology Services internal departments and its external partners, such as clients, vendors, and suppliers. The primary role of a BRM is to develop and maintain strong relationships with these stakeholders to ensure that business objectives are achieved, and customer satisfaction is maintained. Some key responsibilities of business relationship managers include stakeholder engagement, relationship building, strategic alignment, performance monitoring and collaboration and communication.
  • Project Management Office
    The Project Management Office (PMO) is a centralized group within Technology Services that is responsible for establishing and maintaining project management standards, processes, and practices. The primary role of a PMO is to support and enable effective project management across the organization, including performance monitoring and reporting, risk management, resource management, quality assurance and stakeholder management.
  • Process Management
    Process Management is responsible for overseeing and improving the organization's processes and ensuring that they align with the overall strategic goals and objectives. The following functions and responsibilities reside in this group: Process documentation, process improvement, performance monitoring and compliance, change management, and problem management.
  • Strategic Initiatives
    This unit provides guidance and coordination for the overall strategic efforts, and tactical engagement and support with the many working groups in Technology Services. The unit coordinates IT Governance, training and professional development, and participates in strategic projects.
  • Special Projects
    This area administers, coordinates and monitors special projects in Technology Services, such as the mentoring program, external internships, and special events.
  • Program Director
    The Program Director coordinates the projects and initiatives in Networking, Telecom and Enterprise Application Services.