What is Texas A&M's litigation/preservation hold process?

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides Preservation Hold procedures that will be followed whenever it determines that a litigation/preservation hold is necessary.

What information is subject to the Texas Public Information Act?

A summary of the Texas Public Information Act provides details about the definition of public information and exceptions to the public information act.

Email Management Strategies for Faculty and Staff

  1. Avoid using personal email account(s) for business.
  2. Segregate emails relating to research or student information into folders to enable quick identification, disclosure and preservation.
  3. Be thoughtful in sending and forwarding emails, especially in copying to "all."
  4. Strongly consider enabling "auto-delete" if the department or unit does not.
  5. Identify and preserve emails qualifying as state records.

See Email Management: A Legal Perspective for more information.


For additional information, visit the Office of General Council website.