Technology Services offers Texas A&M University faculty and instructors class tours of our data centers, IT Operations Center (ITOC) and Help Desk Central call center. Employees are also available to share their expertise in class presentations to further the teaching mission of our university.

To request a tour or speaker, please email Lea Ann Westmoreland at

Available Tours

West Campus Data Center

Technology Services operates a 50,000 sq. ft. data center that houses thousands of servers that power the university’s IT infrastructure and enable for teaching & learning, research, business operations, and student success. The facility uses an innovative generator set design and chilled water HVAC system to optimize efficiency and service availability.


Information Technology Operations Center + Help Desk Central Call Center

Go behind the scenes to see how campus IT professionals monitor walls of screens showing everything from internet traffic, service health, call volume, incoming emails, data center surveillance, etc. These teams also serve as the coordinator for all technology incidents. Help Desk Central is a live call center, answering campus technology questions 24/7 by telephone, chat, email or in person. Watch as they troubleshoot callers’ issues and help solve problems.

Available Areas of Expertise

  • Networking Design and Operation
    • Dan Schmiedt
    • Rudy Supak
    • Ed Furia
    • William Deigaard (Network Design)
  • Artificial Intelligence, Architecting IT Infrastructure 
    • Michael Leary
    • William Deigaard
  • Audio Visual Design & Management
    • Regina Greenwood
    • Joshua Green
  • Business Relationship Management
    • Ben Smith
  • Cybersecurity; Identity Management
    • Adam Mikeal
  • Data Center Operations
    • Dan Schumacher
    • William Deigaard
  • IT Operations
    • Ed Evans
  • IT Policy; IT Risk; Government Regulation
    • Adam Mikeal
    • Joe Mancha
  • 5G, Telecommunications, Cellular
    • Nash Higgins
    • Chris Norton
  • Software Development 
    • Dr. Juan Garza
  • Product Management and Technical Communications
    • Lacey Baze
    • Allison Oslund
  • Project Management
    • Sharon Mainka
    • Tony Miles
  • ITIL
    • Cameron Baker
    • Donald St. Martin
  • Customer Support, Change Management
    • Ed Evans
    • Chrissie Cordray
  • Leadership/Organizational Change
    • Kris Guye
    • William Deigaard
    • Ed Evans
  • IT Automation
    • William Deigaard
    • Blake Dworaczyk

If you have other topics you would like us to speak about, please let us know.