Texas A&M is amongst the top 10 largest physical campuses in the nation, with 16.2 million square feet of wireless coverage

Scale of IT at A&M

The Texas A&M digital network is one of the largest in the country, with 16.2 million sq. ft. of wireless coverage. Each day the network handles 210k devices, culminating in 5.8 million emails and one petabyte of data each day. The sheer scale is overwhelming to most, but zoom in closer and you will see teams of people working together to design, build and secure each level of the network. Because of the network, collaboration can happen not only across campus, but across the state, nation and world.

128 campus members in IT Governance

How IT Empowers the University Mission

To focus on the Texas A&M University mission, IT groups from across campus worked together to form a university-wide IT Governance strategy, consisting of structured committees, councils and strategic leaders. Every college, department and office is represented, allowing for diverse ideas to influence innovative methods, helping build a better digital network. IT Governance not only serves to maintain structure but serves as a guiding force for change and collaboration throughout IT at Texas A&M.

Illustration of the Viz Pipeline, where multiple pipes come from the College of Architecture and one pipe comes from the West Campus Data Center to produce animated videos.

Collaboration in Action

The Visualization department readies students for animation careers at companies like Disney-Pixar and Dreamworks. The College of Architecture maintains a “rendering pipeline” using compute power in computer labs in the college and in servers co-located in the West Campus Data Center to render frames for short-film animation projects. Maintaining this pipeline utilizes specialized skills from the College of Architecture’s IT staff and highly-available, centrally-maintained IT infrastructure.