Project Purpose

Texas A&M currently uses the system “DocuSign” which consists of a series of workflows established to digitally sign official documents. In order to reduce costs and simplify the signing process, Texas A&M has decided to replace the current DocuSign system with Adobe Sign. The goal of this project implementation is to successfully migrate and back up existing end-user data/workflows to the new Adobe platform and integrate Laserfiche, Aggiebuy, and other custom applications in a functional management approach.

  • DocuSign will remain available until October 2023.
  • Training and reference documents are available on the Adobe Sign Service Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe Sign?
Adobe Acrobat Sign (Adobe Sign) is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows campus members to send, sign, track and manage signature processes using a web browser or mobile device.

Why are we moving to Adobe Sign?
While DocuSign has been used successfully for years, the vendor significantly raised the cost of the product, and the DocuSign contract will end on October 31, 2023. Access to Adobe Sign is offered as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud agreement.

How do I get an Adobe Sign account?
Existing DocuSign users will be transitioned to Adobe Sign in phases through July and August. More details will be sent to existing DocuSign users outlining the transition plan.Adobe Sign will be available University-wide in September.

What documents can be signed through Adobe Sign?
Besides PDF, you can send Microsoft Office files, various image files, HTML files, and text files for signing. Supported file types are: DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TXT, CSV, HTML, HTM, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

How long will documents be stored in Adobe Sign?
Adobe Sign is not approved for long-term storage. Any files stored on Adobe Sign that require continued access or retention should be downloaded to a university-managed system such as OneDrive, Google Drive or a local file server. Please consult with your local IT team for guidance for document storage. Please refer to these instructions for downloading Adobe Sign files.

Is there training available on how to use Adobe Sign?
Links to Adobe Sign training videos and Quick Start Guides will be available on the Adobe Sign service page.

How is Adobe Sign terminology different from DocuSign?

DocuSign Adobe Sign Notes
Envelopes Agreements An agreement contains one or more documents to be signed.
The agreement is a single transaction within Adobe Sign The agreement is identical in concept to a Docusign envelope.
Documents Documents PDFs, MS Word - this concept is the same for both. You can add signature fields and data entry fields and send for signature
Templates Templates In both cases templates are used to create reusable documents with signature and data fields that can be sent.
Adobe Sign does not allow templates to be the basis for a web form.
Folders Library Collection of documents
Workflow Workflows allow you to create a customized signing workflow. They do not work with web forms. Only account and group admins can create workflows
PowerForm Web Form In both cases this provides a web addressable link to a document to be completed and signed.
DocuSign bases PowerForms on templates.
Adobe Sign does not require a web form to start from a template. It will allow you to start with a document from scratch and add the signature and data fields. You do have the ability to save the work as a template.
It is an Adobe Sign best practice to create individual templates for each document first (for better maintenance and reuse).
Web forms and PowerForms both allow the initial participant who launches the form to input the emails and names for the remaining participants.


When do I need to transition from DocuSign to Adobe Sign?
No new DocuSign envelopes should be sent after Sept. 1, 2023

DocuSign will not be available after October 31, 2023. Any files stored in DocuSign that you need should be downloaded to a university-managed system such as a shared drive on MicrosoftOneDrive, Google Workspace or a local file server. Please consult with your local IT team for guidance for document storage. Please refer to these instructions for downloading DocuSign files or contact the TAMU Adobe Team at if you require assistance.

Do I have to own a Digital Signature to use Adobe Sign?
Adobe Sign provides and collects electronic signatures. E-signatures provide an audit trail and a tamper-proof process by preventing changes to the document once it has been signed. Electronic signatures can be verified by corporate IDs, phone or, most commonly, email. 

Full digital signatures are based on trusted third-party certificates, and the signature is encrypted on the document.

Adobe Sign supports both signature types. Your recipients do not need a digital signature, though it's okay if they use one.