Community Directory

  • Accessibility Innovator Network
    Accessibility Innovator Network
  • Aggie Innovative Platform (AIP)
    The Aggie Innovation Platform (AIP) has been closely developed with input from the Texas A&M University community. Our goal is to combine cloud technologies with people and processes to help the entire campus community innovate and work more effectively and efficiently.
  • GoWeb
    GoWeb is a group of professionals dedicated to elevating web communication across Texas A&M. The group strives to demonstrate how web communication supports the strategic initiatives of the university, build a culture of collaboration, share recommended communication standards and best practices and establish web communication as an important university resource.
  • Linux
    Do you manage Linux infrastructure and systems (Servers or Workstations)? Are you interested in sharing or learning from others? Interested in collaborating about shared infrastructure and best practices? If you would be interested in getting together with other IT professionals on campus to discuss problems/solutions/challenges/opportunities surrounding Linux Administration and Infrastructure this COP is for you.