Roles for IT Preservation Holds

IT Preservation Holds for the university relies on the support of a matrixed organization. It starts with each college, division, school, and branch campus identifying at least one IT contact for each respective unit. A listing of these IT contacts is maintained by the ESI Preservation Coordinator to be used to identify relevant IT contacts to be named custodians at the initiation of a preservation hold. The ESI Preservation Coordinator coordinates all of the preservation hold efforts across the university and acts as a liaison between the university and the Office of General Counsel.

University System Level: Texas A&M University System

Office of General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel for the Texas A&M University System provides legal services for Texas A&M University and is the primary stakeholder in IT preservation hold efforts at the university.


  • Notifies ESI Preservation Coordinators of key events and information regarding a current or new preservation hold.
  • Sends a Preservation Letter to custodians at the initial imposition of a hold with notification to immediate supervisor as needed.
  • Administers an E-Discovery questionnaire to custodians to be filled out and returned by the custodian.
  • Strives to have completed E-Discovery questionnaires returned promptly.
  • Shares completed E-Discovery questionnaires with the ESI Preservation Coordinator of the relevant institution promptly.

Organization Level: Texas A&M University

ESI Preservation Coordinator

Facilitates the university IT Preservation Hold activities on behalf of the Institution and acts as a liaison between the institution and the Office of General Counsel. The ESI Preservation Coordinator serves at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer or his or her designee.


  • Identifies preservation personnel at the institution.
  • Coordinates with institution preservation personnel and with OGC as needed to preserve relevant ESI.
  • Ensures that preservation personnel have documented processes to prevent unauthorized deletion or modification of relevant ESI.
  • Establishes and maintains a written record of all preservation holds currently in effect and a secure storage space for preserved ESI.
  • Updates OGC on any scheduled server changes and the transfer of employees within the institution.
  • Ensures the ongoing preservation of relevant ESI belonging to a custodian who has left the institution.
  • Determines when preserved ESI may be deleted and notifies relevant personnel who may delete preserved ESI.

Division Level: College, Division, School, or Branch Campus

Preservation Personnel

Preservation Personnel are personnel whose roles and duties are important to the preservation effort. Preservation personnel typically include employees involved with employee hiring/transfer/termination such as the Human Resources Director or the Provost. They also include IT personnel responsible for the automatic purging of accounts and deletion of data, such as email administrators, account administrators, desktop technicians and the help desk.


  • Follows instructions of ESI Preservation Coordinator in regard to relevant ESI.
  • Performs no action that will cause the deletion or modification of relevant ESI.
  • Assists custodians with the act of preserving ESI (where applicable).

Named Person or Custodian

These individuals have been asked to preserve ESI as part of a preservation hold. Generally, these individuals are identified at the start of a hold, but additional custodians may be added throughout the hold’s lifecycle.


  • Ultimately responsible for the preservation of ESI and should perform no action that will cause the deletion or modification of relevant ESI.
  • Seeks technical assistance from appropriate preservation personnel when needed.
  • Acknowledges preservation hold and completes E-Discovery questionnaire in a timely manner.
  • Follows instructions of both OGC and the ESI Preservation Coordinator with regards to relevant ESI.