Renovation and opening of the new West Campus Data Center.

Perpetual project to upgrade campus Wi-Fi.

A campus-wide project to implement NetID Two-Factor Authentication.
Seeking to align all IT outcomes at Texas A&M University.

Replace the current firewall with a connected, centrally manageable network of next-generation firewalls and intrusion protection devices.

In alignment with TAMUS Regulation 29.01.03, rev 2/5/2018, a migration plan was developed for the consolidation of significant IT equipment into a centralized data center. The consolidation required by Section 5.2 was completed by September 1, 2019. The plan utilized input from the policy review work of the IT Governance Program (Information Risk, Policy, & Security Committee).

Analyze the Service Catalog-related sites and develop improvement requirements.

Renovation of the Help Desk Central area of the Teague building.

Implementation of SPECTRIM/Archer, an IT Risk Assessment tool.

Development of a University-Wide Information Technology Governance Framework.