Project Purpose

Texas A&M University is currently engaging with the university community to improve and strengthen the service delivery model through redefined processes, elevated expectations and a single-entry point platform to better serve faculty, staff and students seeking technology-related support. 

Powered by TeamDynamix (TDX), these efforts align with the division-wide initiative to transform the customer experience, bringing improved interactions and streamlined service delivery.  

To foster service excellence, this project will implement a new IT ticketing tool enabling high quality and consistent customer service across the entire university. Through unified processes, campus members will be able to find answers to questions, request services and get service help for problems. Integrated processes and leading technology will empower a shift from reactive to more proactive support, enhancing help desks to transition IT service desks delivering consistent, transparent, intuitive and dynamic customer experiences, and access to subject matter experts on first contact. 

Through TeamDynamix, the campus community will experience increased levels of support and decreased response times to requests for assistance, including classroom technology support, general computing needs and other technology-related services provided. 


Implementation of the new ticketing solution will utilize a customer-centric approach to ensure that the campus member’s current needs are addressed while remaining adaptable to changing environments. 

Subsequent projects will include additional university partners and divisions that have expressed interest in utilizing TeamDynamix as the ticketing system for their business processes. 

Project Scope

  • Identify TeamDynamix ownership and establish a support team
  • Identify top incidents and service requests to implement early
  • Outline the service catalog using higher education practices from EDUCAUSE 
  • Support training from end-users to administrators 
  • Engage faculty, staff, and students through focus groups, interviews, and surveys for customer-centered approach to system implementation 
  • Build-out Incident Management and Service Requests 
  • Outline performance and reporting metrics 
  • Identify opportunities for subsequent projects with university partners and divisions 
  • Assess opportunity for Problem Management and Knowledge Base Management 


  • Select Campuswide Ticketing System: Complete 
  • Identifying design implementation partner: Complete 
  • Define foundational service catalog: In-Progress 
  • Establish TeamDynamix support model and team: Complete 
  • Complete training/onboarding to single service campuswide: Spring 2024
  • Implement TeamDynamix: Winter 2023 - Spring 2024 
  • Transition existing ticketing tools to TeamDynamix: Winter 2023 - Spring 2024 

Project Status: January 2024

  • Texas A&M has approved and configured the new TeamDynamix IT Services portal URL.
  • The Texas A&M University TeamDynamix configuration team has completed its initial training with TeamDynamix.
  • System baseline configuration and client portal design have begun.
  • ITSM Process Consulting meetings with TeamDynamix have started.
  • The Operational Committee to support our University communities during the deployment of TDx will kick off in February.
  • Work on the unified core IT services catalog continues on the top 10 core services.