The approval process for the deans and Vice Presidents to sign off on the annual information security assessments requires coordination between the Division of IT and the Division Risk Assessment Coordinator (D-RAC) from the college or division.

Step Task Personnel
Step 1 Prepare college/division information security assessment report. It will include various documents about the results from the IT risk assessments completed for the college/division. Division of IT
Step 2 Create a college/division executive summary which includes:
  • Decisions or actions that the CISO thinks may deserve additional consideration
  • Aggregate data for the college/division
  • Dean/VP signature page
Division of IT
Step 3 Send documentation (i.e. college/division executive summary, college/division information security assessment report) to the D-RAC Division of IT
Step 4 Review all documentation provided by the Division of IT. D-RAC, Risk Assessment Coordinators
Optional Contact the Risk Management and Policy team within the Division of IT if there are any questions or concerns about the documentation received or the content within the documentation. D-RAC
Step 5 Submit documentation to the dean/VP for signature D-RAC
Step 6 Review and approve college/division executive summary. This includes signing the signature page. Dean or VP
Step 7 Submit signed dean/VP signature page to Division of IT D-RAC