• Product Management

    Product management facilitates the offering, provisioning, support, and continuous improvement of enterprise technology services in alignment with the needs of the Texas A&M community. Product managers work closely with service owners, project teams, technical writers, trainers, and IT communicators to ensure a seamless and high-quality customer experience throughout the service lifecycle.

    Our web team offers website development and maintenance for Technology Services’ enterprise websites and many service websites.

  • IT Communications

    IT Communications informs and educates the Texas A&M University community about Technology Services' products and projects which helps to raise awareness about launches, maintenance, improvements, and support and encourages use of various tools and software. Communicators help guide, create, and distribute messages and content. The team offers communication strategy, content development and delivery, as well as creative services.

    The communications team works closely with the web team to maintain the it.tamu.eduwebsite. In addition, they are actively involved in the creation and maintenance of many enterprise service websites and applications.