Next Generation Aggie Network

Next Generation Aggie Network: Faster, stronger and more secure Wi-Fi

Texas A&M University operates one of the largest campus data networks in the country. The "Next Generation Aggie Network" is an investment in 6E technology that will transform the campus digital experience by providing faster, consistent wireless signals across campus.

it at tamu

IT at Texas A&M University

Texas A&M Technology Services provides reliable and accessible IT services to elevate and enhance Texas A&M University. We provide IT leadership to the campus community while serving the mission of Texas A&M. With trusted services and innovative solutions, we are changing the technology landscape on campus.

it policies

IT Policies

IT policy provides rules and guidelines that govern how Technology Services provides innovative services to the campus community. By following Federal laws, campus IT policies and risk mitigations, Technology Services can assure end users the safest and best experience possible.