PIR Roles

Fulfillment of Public Information Requests is coordinated by the Texas A&M University Office of Open Records within the Division of Finance and Operations and their Public Information Liaison Coordinators within units across the university.

Technology Services acts as a service provider and subject matter expert (where appropriate) in the fulfillment of Public Information Requests. Prior to fulfilling an extraction request, the requestor will be verified as an authorized Public Information Liaison Coordinator or TAMU Open Records personnel. Requests may be sent on their behalf, however, it must be clear that the request originated from an authorized Public Information Liaison Coordinator.

Time Sensitivity

The CISO or designee will treat every extraction request as a high-priority and time-sensitive matter, however, please help Technology Services reduce unnecessary communication and administrative delays. The Public Information Liaison Coordinator may specify a reasonable deadline for the extraction to be returned as part of the initial request. Please include ciso@tamu.edu when submitting the extraction request.

Extraction Criteria

As a service provider, Technology Services is not authorized to approve extraction criteria. If the criteria provided in an extraction request is not clear, Technology Services personnel may suggest a translation of the request. However, this translation must be authorized by the Public Information Liaison Coordinator before extraction. To ensure minimal delays, please ensure the original request is clear and precise as to the nature of the intended search.