The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA) is a legal framework to protect the rights and management of digital works.


Federal laws that require the confidentiality of information include:


Payment Card Industry Compliance on the Texas A&M University campus is ultimately the responsibility of the organization that has elected to accept credit cards for payment. The Texas A&M Division of Finance Financial Management Operations Group facilitates the capacity for departments/organizations to accept credit cards. The complexities of PCI Compliance are reduced by using a third-party payment gateway. The gateway used by Texas A&M University is AggiE-Pay.

As part of PCI Compliance, Texas A&M Division of Information Technology provides the approval process of network architectures and prepares the firewalls for the PCI environments. Vulnerability scans can also be run against PCI systems to check for potential weaknesses.

Any questions concerning PCI Compliance can be directed to

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