The Texas A&M University Network is governed by rules covering responsibilities when connecting to the network. These rules are not optional. All faculty, staff, and students are bound by their affiliation to the university to follow these rules. Ignorance of these rules is not a valid excuse for not following them.

Students are governed by Student Rules. The sections relevant to using the campus network are Rule 22 - Acceptable Use and Appendix V: Individual Responsibility for Use of Computing Resources and Facilities.

Faculty and Staff are governed by Texas A&M University Rules and the Texas A&M University Ethics Policy. The policies relevant to using the campus network are: 29.01.03.M0.01 - Security of Electronic Resources; 29.01.03.M0.02 - Acceptable Use; 25.99.09.M0.01 - Communication Allowances; 29.01.03.M0.08 - Network Access; and Security Control AC-18 Wireless Access.

The following are violations that will result in suspension of network access and disciplinary action:

  • Unapproved attachment of wireless access points in Texas A&M residence halls.
  • Any attempt to bypass the campus network firewall. This includes running any service on a port other than the well-known port for that service.
  • Any attempt to bypass the DHCP system or use any IP address that has not been assigned by the DHCP server.
  • Intentional disruption or interference of someone else's ability to operate a machine.
  • Unauthorized possession of copyrighted material.
  • Any attempt to compromise the security policies of any other computer.
  • Distribution of unsolicited bulk or commercial email (SPAM).
  • Use of any A&M resource for commercial use, including but not limited to the Internet, campus network and telephone lines.