The Network Time Protocol (NTP) keeps a computer's clock synchronized with a set of time servers distributed over a network, each with varying accuracy and reliability. Texas A&M Technology Services maintains the following four public NTP time servers.

Server Use
ntp1.tamu.edu On-campus
ntp2.tamu.edu On-campus
ntp3.tamu.edu On-campus
ntppub.tamu.edu Off-campus

For systems which only allow one server to be specified, the name `time.tamu.edu' should be used. This name should only be used in conjunction with DNS.

For Unix clients, there is a sample ntp.conf file located here.

Help and Support

If you have questions about NTP, please email ntp@tamu.edu.

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Please send Infoblox@tamu.edu an email to let us know that you are using this service.

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