A Texas A&M NetID is an identifier or username for logging in and accessing many university resources, such as Texas A&M Gmail and the TAMU WiFi network.

Texas A&M University's membership in InCommon provides Texas A&M NetID account holders with the ability to use their NetID to authenticate to participating higher education and federal government online services.

Getting Started

Visit Activating a NetID to learn how to create a NetID. To change your password or reset a forgotten password, see instructions at the NetID Password page in the Knowledge Base.

Help and Support

To read more about NetID, password and email account management tools, go to the NetID page in the Knowledge Base. To access NetID-related tools and services, visit the NetID Password Management page.

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Texas A&M University students, faculty and staff will need their UIN and date of birth to claim their NetID. Campus members with a UIN can claim their NetID at the Aggie Account Gateway.

A sponsoring department may request a guest NetID from the Identity Management Office through the form available at http://u.tamu.edu/netidrequest

Service Details

A NetID account is required for access to most Texas A&M University information systems. A NetID account allows the account holder to authenticate on any application using the Central Authentication Service or the NetID Active Directory Services password service.

More details about NetID accounts are available on the Identity Security website.

NetID Account Eligibility
NetID Account Lifecycle
NetID Password Management


To learn more about how to manage your NetID account and password, visit the NetID page in the Knowledge Base.

For more detail on NetID account usage at Texas A&M University visit the Identity Security website.

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