Texas A&M operates a Motorola MotoTRBO 800-MHz trunked radio system that is available to all university departments. A trunked system has many channels, which are transparently shared by all the users. The user only hears communications within their work group. Although others may be using the system, you do not hear any of their traffic, and other talk groups cannot monitor your conversations.

The coverage of the radio system includes much of Brazos County and range testing has shown that almost all campus buildings have excellent coverage. There are future plans to add an additional radio transmission site at the RELLIS campus that directly connects to the current Hensel Tower installation.

With this system, you have an option of purchasing your radio from the Texas A&M Technology Services or by direct purchase from an outside vendor. In either case, there is a monthly airtime charge per month per radio for using the system.

Three basic types of radios are available for use on the trunked radio system:

  • Handheld or portable radios: Each portable radio is typically delivered with a rapid charger and one battery. Additional batteries, radio accessories, such as carrying cases, are available for purchase.
  • Mobile radios: For permanent installation in vehicles, these radios include installation and antenna.
  • Base station: Radios are permanently installed in buildings. They include a desk microphone, power supply and antenna. In most cases the antenna can be installed in the ceiling of the building, eliminating the need for building penetrations.

Getting Started

Visit the "Cost" section to see monthly charges. The Telecommunications team has a relationship with Texas Communications who is our go-to partner for ordering radios. This 800-MHz radio system is a proprietary system, so it is important that you purchase compatible radios through Texas Communications. Contact Kris Kram at 979-255-8010 for radio purchasing and rental pricing. If you need additional information, email tcom-request@tamu.edu or call Help Desk Central at 979.845.8300.

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Texas A&M University (Part 02) rates are displayed below. See General Computing Rates for TAMUS, Non-TAMUS, and Auxiliary Rates.

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/Product/Service
Radio Airtime Monthly 10.00 550

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