Quality software is reasonably free from bugs, meets requirements and specifications, is maintainable and is delivered on time and within budget. In recent years, application security is more widely understood to be an important aspect of software quality.

Software quality assurance is a software development process designed to ensure that standards and procedures are followed and problems are discovered and addressed early. This process applies security and quality-specific software development procedures to help prevent common web application security violations and design errors.

Getting Started

To request this service, email bsps@tamu.edu or call 979.845.8300.

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Texas A&M University (Part 02) rates are displayed below. See General Computing Rates for TAMUS, Non-TAMUS, and Auxiliary Rates.

Service Description Unit  Rate in $ Item Code/ Product/Service
Support Equivalent to 1 Full Time Employee 1 FTE/Month  10,599.00 CONTRACT SUP 1 FTE
Support Equivalent to 3/4 Time Employee  .75 FTE/Month 8,180.00 CONTRACT SUP .75 FTE
Support Equivalent to 1/2 Time Employee .50 FTE/Month  5,510.00 CONTRACT SUP .50 FTE
Support Equivalent to 1/4 Time Employee .25 FTE/Month  2,785.00 CONTRACT SUP .25 FTE
Technical services on computer-related issues Hour 135.00 ITSS HOURLY SUPPORT

Additional Details

We can provide flexible support based on your needs. For more on contract, non-contract, project based and ad-hoc support options, visit Support Options and Pricing.

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