Network Address Translation (NAT) devices allow multiple computers to share a single IP address. NAT devices are allowed on ResNet. In addition, campus network (not ResNet) use is allowed provided that certain guidelines are followed.

Campus Network NAT Devices

  • Only one workstation, server or other general purpose computing device may be behind a NAT box.
  • Placing multiple workstations or servers behind a NAT device to meet federal, state, or industry requirements must be approved by Technology Services.
  • NAT devices may not be used to minimize the need for installed network drops.

ResNet NAT Devices

Students living on campus are given a single ethernet port on ResNet. A NAT box allows students to connect multiple devices (e.g., gaming systems, printers and computers) to a single ethernet port. Any wireless options on NAT boxes must be disabled. Do not use a NAT box to connect devices from multiple students on the same network connection.

NOTE: Since ResNet is inside the Texas A&M firewall, gaming systems may be unable to connect and interact with off-campus systems. Therefore, some network games for PCs and consoles may not work.

Getting Started

Please inform Texas A&M IT of NAT device installation by sending an email to consult@tamu.edu or security@tamu.edu. If you have any questions, please send email to security@tamu.edu.

Help and Support

Learn how to set up a NAT device in the Knowledge Base.

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Network Installation Design Standards

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