The Filex file distribution system provides a secure way to transfer files, including files too large to send as an email.

The user uploads the file to the Filex server and adds email addresses for their recipients. For files containing sensitive or confidential information, Filex includes an encryption option. Filex sends a link via email to download the file, which the recipients click to obtain the file directly from the Filex server. If you selected the encryption option, Filex provides a key for you to send to your recipients to unlock the encrypted file.

Important Note: Filex is not a long-term storage solution. Files will remain available on the Filex system for seven days. After seven days, the files are automatically deleted from the Filex server and cannot be recovered.

Getting Started

Go to Filex.tamu.edu.

Help and Support

Read about using the Filex system in the Knowledge Base. 

Data Security

FERPA Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
Highest Supported Data Classification
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