Announcing: Newly expanded TAMU Laserfiche Master Agreement

The Texas A&M Laserfiche Shared Service is a complete enterprise document content services system that combines powerful capture, processing, storage, retrieval and distribution of your documents and records. In addition to enterprise content management, Laserfiche provides drag-and-drop digital task automation for more efficient business process operation. Built in security, auditing, and DoD 5015.2-certified records management functionality supports Texas A&M University System records retention requirements. The expanded master agreement provides licenses for faculty, staff, student and community access. Let Technology Services show you how to turn manual tasks in to labor-saving digital processes.

Getting Started

To request this service, email lfsupport@tamu.edu or call 979.845.8300.

Help and Support

Visit Laserfiche.tamu.edu for more information.

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The Texas A&M University Master Agreement has been expanded. With the expansion of the licensing model, A&M System members can:

  • Continue to use the existing shared service
  • Manage their own Laserfiche implementations
  • Take a hybrid approach, implementing shared solutions alongside an individually managed system
  • Implement one or more shared systemwide solutions including contract management andĀ mainframe output report management

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How was Laserfiche chosen as Texas A&M's preferred vendor?
Do I need to use Laserfiche for document management?
How will support be provided?
What are my department's installation and administration requirements for Laserfiche?
Does Laserfiche integrate with SharePoint and other Microsoft applications?

How was Laserfiche chosen as Texas A&M's preferred vendor?

Laserfiche was named by the Preferred Vendor Selection Subcommittee in 2010 and approved by President R. Bowen Loftin (memorandum).

Do I need to use Laserfiche for document management?

Per the memorandum approved by Dr. Loftin, unless a valid business case exists to do otherwise, all new document management implementations at Texas A&M should use the centrally supported Laserfiche product. Existing users of document management systems other than Laserfiche are encouraged to consider transitioning to the preferred product before making major upgrades to their current system.

How will support be provided?

Texas A&M Technology Services will provide central system administration. The license includes system support, which will be handled through designated campus personnel authorized to contact Laserfiche. The license does not include direct technical support for individuals. Users should visit the Laserfiche Support site. The site includes a knowledge base, user forums, code library, training videos and other resources.

What are my department's installation and administration requirements for Laserfiche?

Enterprise Laserfiche is a shared service, and it is installed on Technology Services servers. Departments also will need to allocate time and resources to assess their document imaging and document retention compliance needs. A local Laserfiche administrator to handle department access changes and Level 1 customer support should be allocated.

Does Laserfiche integrate with SharePoint and other Microsoft applications?

Laserfiche integrates with SharePoint and many other Microsoft applications. Some integration comes standard with Laserfiche; but, SharePoint and many of the other third-party applications would incur additional costs and would be an appropriate subject for the Steering Committee to determine whether the TAMU Laserfiche community is willing to appropriate funds to add on such features.


Benefits for Texas A&M and the A&M System

  • Save costs through shared central support and eliminating the need for individual departments to maintain their own systems.
  • Facilitate document sharing with colleagues while protecting confidential information.
  • Enhance overall office efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes, improving information accessibility and decreasing the need to store paper documents.
  • Ensure continuity of operations by securing records and providing web access to critical documents during emergencies.
  • Streamline life-cycle management of business records with automatic enforcement of consistent, organization-wide records policies.
  • Support compliance requirements for document retention.

Benefits for Campuses, Agencies and Departments

  • Maintain control of department documents with Laserfiche repositories.
  • Protect documents from unauthorized access. Tools allow system administrators to set permissions for folders individuals can view and actions they can perform on documents.
  • Track system activity with auditing and reporting tools.
  • Increase office productivity by automating repetitive procedures, document routing and email notifications.
  • Locate documents quickly with indexing tools and online search capabilities.
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