Digital signage offers an official, university-wide outlet to promote important information and events to employees, students and visitors while also integrating emergency alert notifications. Provided in partnership by the Division of Marketing & Communications (MarComm) and Technology Services, content and display features are maintained by MarComm with technical aspects regarding hardware maintained by Technology Services.

The previous service was powered by Four Winds Interactive through Technology Services. Currently in a phased deployment focusing on those with existing signage, the new platform – REACH Media Network – provides a streamlined, cost effective solution for operational and academic units at all locations university-wide.

Contact Information


For most units within Texas A&M University (Part 02), the license fee is covered. However, some state agencies (Part 23) or those units with unique funding structures may incur a separate license fee. Please contact digitalsignage@tamu.edu for details specific to your unit.

Service Description Unit Rate in $
Digital Signage Annual Maintenance (cost per player) Year 160.00


Service Contact

To add licenses for your unit, please send an email to digitalsign@tamu.edu.


Digital Signage Content Managers:

  • Utilize accessible, branded templates to deploy digital signs in real-time
  • Support operational and academic units through a drag-and-drop interface and selection of screen locations to ensure maximum and appropriate audience engagement
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