Guest accounts may be requested for individuals supporting official university business. These accounts exist as long as the guest’s relationship with the university remains active. Guest accounts needed for longer than a year must be renewed annually.
Guest accounts must be sponsored by a university faculty or staff employee. If the sponsor retires or leaves the university, the guest must find another sponsor for their account.

Visiting Scholars

Offices or departments sponsoring Visiting Scholars must do so through the Division of Research. Division of Research staff will create a sponsored NetID for Visiting Scholars once the Visiting Scholar Request Form is completed.

Help and Support

To read more about NetID, password and email account management tools, go to the NetID page in the Knowledge Base. To access NetID-related tools and services, visit the NetID Password Management page.

Contact Information


A sponsoring department may request a sponsored NetID by filling out and submitting the NetID Account Request Form.

The campus sponsor will be notified once the guest can activate the account.

Guests can activate their NetID at gateway.tamu.edu.

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