The white pages directory is a database containing publically accessible information about students, faculty, employees, affiliates, departments and organizations at Texas A&M. It only contains directory information approved for public release. It can be accessed without special authorization through an online directory search application. The white pages directory uses lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), a standardized protocol to request and retrieve information from its database. The white pages directory supports anonymous binds from within the campus firewall.

Current students are included in the white pages directory unless they have requested that their directory information not be released. Faculty and staff are included in the directory, except for home addresses and telephone numbers that individuals have requested not be released.

Getting Started

Online Directory Search
Texas A&M Division of Information Technology manages an online directory search to view contact information for departments and groups on the campus and the A&M System, as well as for faculty, staff and students. Use the application at:

Visit the Infrastructure Services website for more information about systems that support the online directory search application.

Editing Directory Information
The Edit Directory application on the Aggie Account Gateway allows individuals to update their email and basic directory information, including email forwarding options and directory display name. A web page address can also be added to your directory information so that viewers can find out more information.

Employees can change their office phone number and other information through HRConnect. Employees can request certain personal information remain confidential through HRConnect. Consult Human Resources for more information.

Students can update their information in the My Record tab in Howdy. Also, students can choose to keep their email address and other information private. See FERPA Policy - Official Notice to Students for more information.

Help and Support

Department or Organization Directory Entry
To request a new department or organization directory entry, contact the Division of IT Identity Management Office at 979.862.4300 or identity@tamu.edu. Changes to an account administrator (or proxy) can be made using the Proxy Account Management application.