Position, Role, and Organization (PRO) accounts provide a long-term account tied to a position, role, or organization within Texas A&M University. Using a PRO account prevents confusion or lost communication when employees change positions, organizations, or leave the university.

Getting Started

The Proxy Account Management Tool allows easy management of all special accounts, including any PRO Accounts you control.

Help and Support

Visit the Knowledge Base to read more about requesting or deleting a PRO account.


Departments can request PRO email addresses by sending an email to helpdesk@tamu.edu with the following information:

  • State that you are requesting a PRO email address
  • Provide the following required fields:
    • Department Name - The name of the department making the request.
    • Primary Email Alias - The published email address for this account.
    • Account Display Name - The common name for this account displayed in the public contact directory.
    • Primary Owner NetID - The NetID of the primary owner of this account.
    • Delivery Address - The email address where this account forwards email.
    • Whether or not the email address should be displayed in the public contact directory.
  • If desired, provide the following optional fields:
    • Role Website - The URL of a web page related to this account, if there is one.
    • Alternate Contact Email Address - A secondary email address to receive notifications related to this account.

Additional information on requesting, changing or deleting a PRO Account is available in the Knowledge Base.

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