The enterprise directory is a specialized database containing information about students, faculty, employees and affiliates, which provides a full picture of each person's relationship to Texas A&M University.

The enterprise directory is used to manage NetID accounts and email aliases for:

  • Personnel with an active, close affiliation to the university (People Branch);
  • Former students (Affiliates Branch);
  • Guests and parents (Sponsored Affiliates Branch); and
  • Organizations and roles (Roles Branch).

Authorized users and applications query the enterprise directory to retrieve identity, affiliation and other information about people associated with the university. Campus authentication and authorization services rely on this directory. The enterprise directory uses lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), a standardized protocol to request and retrieve information from its database.


Getting Started

Access to and use of the enterprise directory is restricted to maintain security and privacy of information and resources. Access to the enterprise directory identity data is available via API. For information on obtaining access, please see Accessing Identity Data.


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