Audiovisual surveillance equipment at Texas A&M must be approved. A committee with representation from across campus reviews requests and makes recommendations to the Vice President and Chief Information Officer. SAP 29.01.03.M0.28 describes the requirements for Surveillance Equipment at Texas A&M.

The Division of IT also provides installation and support of security and surveillance cameras to departments on campus. We work with university police and the AVST committee to provide guidance for camera installations.

Getting Started

To submit a request for approval, follow the directions listed in the Request section below.

If you have any questions about security camera installations or are in need of maintenance, please email cameras@tamu.edu or call 979.845.1020.

Help and Support

See Frequently Asked Questions and Contacts in the AVST FAQ.


Texas A&M University System FY19 Rates displayed below.
View FY18 and FY19 TAMUS Auxiliary and Non-TAMUS Rates.

Service Description Unit Rate in $ Item Code/ Product/Service
Surveillance Cameras Monthly 28.00 (New code)

Additional Details

Monthly charges for surveillance cameras are now centrally funded by Texas A&M University for university business unit (excludes service centers and auxiliary units). These monthly charges will not be billed to your business unit. For details about central funding, visit our billing changes page.


Request Service for Approved Equipment

To request service, maintenance or installation on approved equipment, email a service order to tcom-request@tamu.edu.

Request Approval for Surveillance Equipment Installation

To begin the approval process, read the AVST Operational Standards. Next, complete the AVST Request Form (editable PDF or MS Word template) and submit it to avst@tamu.edu with a floor plan that shows camera locations and field of view. After the committee has reviewed the form, a liaison from the committee will work with you on any questions or concerns from the request.

Note: Begin the approval process at least one month prior to desired order date.

Considerations for Surveillance Equipment Installations

  • It is strongly recommended that unbiased security surveillance expertise be consulted regarding the requirements, use and location of AVST equipment in order to promote the effective and efficient use of AVST resources.
  • Never monitor showers, bathrooms or residents' rooms.
  • Do not install equipment to monitor people. Instead, use surveillance equipment to protect material objects.
  • Post signs that clearly notify individuals that a location is under surveillance but not necessarily monitored. This will avoid the expectation of providing assistance in the event that a crime is committed in the recorded area.


See Frequently Asked Questions and Contacts in the AVST FAQ.