TechHub is Texas A&M University's online store for purchasing technology hardware and provides a convenient way for employees to purchase high-quality, fully tested and vetted technology that is configured and secured to university standards. The TechHub purchase and delivery process has been streamlined to save the university departments time and money.

Technology purchased through TechHub is intended for business use for university employees.

Getting Started

University employees can browse the TechHub online store and choose the items they want to purchase. Approved purchasers for each department can log in to the TechHub website to order and purchase hardware.

Help and Support

You can learn more about TechHub by reviewing the FAQs or About page on the TechHub website. Email techhub@tamu.edu with any questions.

Service Details

TechHub uses a Product Selection Process that includes input from a TechHub Advisory Group composed of IT directors, faculty, and staff from across campus. The goal is to provide technology that balances quality, performance and cost-effectiveness that meets the diverse needs of the university.

TechHub offers Custom Orders and Bulk Purchases for any item purchased in quantities of 10 or more. See the TechHub Terms and Conditions.

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