Shibboleth is an open-source identity management software that simplifies sharing of online resources between affiliated institutions, while ensuring security and privacy of account information. It is the software platform most identity federations utilize to support federated authentication and user attribute exchange and is used by all the identity federations Texas A&M participates in. Shibboleth is of interest to applications desiring to support access by users both within and across organizational boundaries.

Shibboleth began as an Internet2 project in 2000. In 2013, the Shibboleth Consortium was chartered to support continued development of the software, with Internet2 participating in the Consortium as a principal member.

Getting Started

Detailed information about this software can be found on the IT Security & Risk documentation website.

For more information on Shibboleth, please visit the official Shibboleth site.

Help and Support

For additional information or questions, contact identity@tamu.edu

Contact Information


The Shibboleth service and ability to become a Shibboleth Service Provider are provided at no charge to Texas A&M University, the A&M System and TAMUS Auxiliaries.


Instructions on setting up a Shibboleth Service Provider are available on the Identity Security website.

Service Details

At Texas A&M, Shibboleth is integrated with CAS as a Single Sign On service. When Shibboleth must perform an authentication, CAS is called. If the user has an existing CAS session active, they will not be prompted for their NetID and password. The strengths of the CAS service for NetID and password management continue to be used for all Shibboleth-enabled services.


If you're deploying Shibboleth in production, please subscribe any technical contacts to the shib-customers@listserv.tamu.edu mailing list to receive notices about Texas A&M-specific system issues, outages, etc. You should also subscribe to the general Shibboleth announcement list (see the official Shibboleth Web site). For additional information or questions please send mail to: tamufederation@tamu.edu.

For information on how Shibboleth works, the SWITCH Federation site offers a series of technical explanations from easy to expert.

For more information on Shibboleth, please visit the official official Shibboleth site.

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