Shared NetID accounts are NetIDs that can be shared by multiple users or used with applications, servers, printers or other devices. Shared NetID accounts are often used to allow IT resources, either machines or services, to connect to the Texas A&M Network. Please treat a Shared NetID with the same security precautions you take with your own NetID.

Shared NetIDs do not have the same privileges as a personal account, and can’t access Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or a Texas A&M email account by default.

Getting Started

The Proxy Account Management Tool allows you to easily manage all your special accounts, including any Shared NetIDs you control.

Help and Support

Additional information on requesting, changing or deleting a Shared NetID is available in the Knowledge Base.

Contact Information


To request a Shared NetID, complete a Shared NetID Account Request form.

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What if I only need to share folders, files and documents?

You do not need a Shared NetID account to share ownership of documents and files within your department, unit, or group. 

Some options for file sharing and collaboration include:

What if I only need a shared email mailbox, or an email distribution list?

You do not need a Shared NetID account to obtain a shared email mailbox or mailing list for your unit.

  1. Review information about Texas A&M Exchange Email including:
  2. Contact the Help Desk Central helpdesk@tamu.edu if you have any questions.

What is the difference between a Shared NetID and Shared Forwarding Address?

A Shared Forwarding Address is a NetID@tamu.edu email address designed to forward incoming emails to another destination. In contrast, Shared NetIDs are primarily intended for authenticating access to Texas A&M technology devices and systems, such as printers and automated systems requiring Wi-Fi connectivity. Shared NetIDs are typically not configured as full accounts with mail routing capabilities.

Who owns the Shared NetID account?

A Shared NetID account is a special account that can be used by more than one person or by different devices. The person who asked for the account is the owner of it (also called the proxy holder). They can also let other people use the account by making them proxies. A proxy is someone (another account) who can do things with the Shared NetID as if they were the owner. Proxies can also make or remove other proxies as needed.

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