A web-based, collaboration tool that supports sites for every project team. Microsoft SharePoint lets you share files, data, resources and more.

  • Collaborate with team members inside and outside the university.
  • Customized permissions keep access to files secure.
  • Increase productivity with forms, workflows, and custom apps.
Texas A&M Faculty learning about Microsoft SharePoint next to the SharePoint logo
Texas A&M Bush School team using the Microsoft SharePoint App

Microsoft SharePoint Lives Up to its Name

SharePoint allows the Bush School of Government and Public Service to host an intranet … and keep important documents just a click away.

SharePoint Training

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Get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint with LinkedIn Learning video courses.

SharePoint Online Essential Training: The Basics with Gini von Courter

SharePoint Essentials: The Basics

Gain the essential skills you’ll need to work with SharePoint with features such as navigation, use of team and communication sites, editing and co authoring documents, working with lists, integration with Microsoft 365, and document storage.

SharePoint Online Essential Training: Beyond the Basics with Gini von Courter

SharePoint Essentials: Beyond the Basics

Focus on techniques that can help power users and site owners leverage the intermediate and advanced features of SharePoint, including how to create a site, apply a logo and theme, and associate a site with a hub.

SharePoint Advanced: Document Creation and Automation with Shari Oswald

SharePoint Advanced

Walk through the step by step creation of an automated document creation workflow and form. Learn how to plan and create template libraries, build document libraries, and more.

Texas A&M Staff learning to use Microsoft 365 Applications

Need customized training for your unit?

Technology Services will work with you to provide access to specialized Microsoft 365 training. Email to get started.