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Microsoft 365 helps you stay connected and get things done. Whether you want to increase productivity, learn remotely, or collaborate with your team, Microsoft 365 has an app to meet your needs.

Texas A&M Staff and Students using Microsoft Teams and Outlook Apps next to the A&M logo
Texas A&M Staff and Students using the Microsoft OneDrive app

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Success Stories

The Texas A&M community is discovering how Microsoft 365 makes their lives and work more efficient and productive. See how your colleagues are innovating and solving challenges with Microsoft 365's integrated applications.

Texas A&M STAR team using the Microsoft Bookings App

Microsoft Bookings Prevents Scheduling Conflicts

The Secure Technologies for Aggie Researchers (STAR) team uses Bookings to arrange meetings and promotional events with researchers while keeping everything on schedule.

Texas A&M College of Nursing team using the Microsoft Planner App

Microsoft Planner Keeps Everyone Prepared

The College of Nursing uses Microsoft Planner to keep committee tasks organized and mapped out ... five years in advance.

Texas A&M Bush School team using the Microsoft SharePoint App

Microsoft SharePoint Lives Up to its Name

SharePoint allows the Bush School of Government and Public Service to host an intranet ... and keep important documents just a click away.

Texas A&M Staff learning to use Microsoft 365 Applications

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