Create surveys, quizzes, and polls with Microsoft Forms. See real-time results as they're submitted from any web browser or device. 

  • Build surveys, quizzes, and polls.
  • Get real-time results. 
  • Use built-in analytics to evaluate responses.
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Microsoft Forms First Look with Nick Brazzi

Microsoft Forms First Look

Learn how to utilize Microsoft Forms to collect the information you need. Walk through the key features, including how to create a form, generate a list of questions, and distribute a survey or quiz using a few different methods.

Microsoft Forms Quick Tips with Heather Severino

Microsoft Forms Quick Tips

Learn how to build and organize a brand-new form, including how to configure rating scale questions, create a file upload field, reposition questions, add sections, and apply a theme.

Microsoft Forms Essential Training with Curt Frye

Microsoft Forms Essential Training

Once you've learned to create a basic survey or quiz, you can learn how to edit forms, share them with other users, adjust themes, and preview how your form will look on different platforms.

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