Texas A&M University

Project Overview

Google has announced significant changes to its Google Workspace for Education service and now offers a base amount of storage for a fixed fee with the option of purchasing additional storage as needed.

Technology Services recognizes the value and importance of Google Workspace storage, and access to My Drive, Shared Drives and all the other Google apps you are accustomed to using for collaboration will remain in place.

The Google Storage Sustainability Project team has gathered real-time data related to current campus usage to create a forecast of the anticipated storage space needed for our growing institution. This, coupled with input from university leadership, campus advisory groups and other stakeholders, has helped to prepare a phased approach as we transition to a paid service model.

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What Does This Mean For Me?

We have good news! Over 90% of our university community can continue using Google Drive as they do today, with no need to move files or purchase additional storage.

However, IF you exceed your quota in either your My Drive or a Shared Drive:

  • The drive will become read-only and no files may be added or edited until data is removed to bring the storage utilization below the limit.
  • Your Texas A&M Gmail account will still be able to send and receive email as usual.
  • Employees or departments will be able to purchase additional storage for Shared Drives in 10 TB increments beginning Fall 2024.
  • Information about viewing your current storage usage are available below.
  • More questions? Read our FAQs

    When Will The Changes Happen?

    Changes will begin in May 2024, with notable project milestones listed below.

    May 18, 2024

    Unique storage quotas implemented

    Unique storage quotas have been implemented for current My Drive and Shared Drives based on current usage plus a significant buffer to allow for growth. Standard quotas have been implemented for all new accounts based on role.

    Fall 2024

    Shared Drive management process is deployed

    Shared Drive management process is deployed and departments/employees can purchase additional storage for Shared Drives in 10 TB increments.

    How Can I Prepare?

    While these changes will only have an immediate impact on a very small number of campus members, it is everyone's responsibility to actively reduce digital clutter and practice responsible data storage for future storage sustainabilty of the Texas A&M community.