The Texas A&M Health Self-Service Portal, powered by ManageEngine Desktop Central, is part of an endpoint management solution suite for installing selected apps.

A curated and up-to-date software catalog of several approved apps is available to install without administrator permissions.

The service also manages software deployments and frequent patches to workstations over the network from IT system administrators.

Getting Started

Right-click on the Windows taskbar icon or click on the macOS menu bar icon for ManageEngine Desktop Central to display the Self-Service Portal. Choose an app from the list and click the Install button under the Action column. Help documentation is available.

Help and Support

Most apps in the Self-Service Portal are either free of charge or open-source software. However, some apps require departmental or group licensing agreements and are included as convenient, current and trusted installation packages. Contact your purchasing department or the Health Technology Care Team about licensing requirements for your unit.