Attention New Students: Set up your HSC Account (HSCID) and Duo Mobile for two-factor authentication.


Help and Support

Contact the Health Technology Care Team to get dedicated IT support for Texas A&M Health students, faculty, researchers and staff.

The specialized help desk is your first point of contact for technology questions and requests. Local support is also available at many facilities for onsite, clinical, classroom and audio/video assistance.


Automatically creates a help ticket in ServiceNow to route your IT support request.


979.436.0250 or 979.845.8300 (Option 2)

With monitored voicemail after normal business hours and during weekends.


Initiates a screen-sharing session for remote support.


7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

With on-call support after normal business hours and during weekends.


Network, Internet Access and Accounts

Use your assigned HSCID username to log in and access many computing resources at Texas A&M Health.

Texas A&M Health also has an independent wired (Ethernet) network, as well as several wireless (WiFi) locations, which are separate from the Texas A&M University network.


Health IT Services

Access specialized and secure IT services throughout Texas A&M Health, many of which are separate from the main university.


Computer and Technology Requirements

Due to the changing landscape in higher education, Texas A&M University now requires students to have access to an appropriate computer—and for some academic programs, mobile devices, such as iPads—to complement course instruction and fully participate in course work.

Individual schools at Texas A&M Health have specific computer requirements to meet the needs of their respective degree programs.


Alerts, Safety and Security

Check the current status and history for major computing services, including degradations, outages and planned maintenances.

Maintain your personal safety and learn how to protect your devices, your identity and both personal and university data.